About the Byzantine era

Byzantine era, was not at all a time of decline. It was the continuation of the states, heritage of Alexander the Great, with Roman ecumenical spirit and Greek-Orthodox christian ethics. Κοινή Αττική Greek as language of the State and common people and Greek philosophy, containing mostly or populations within its borders. Byzantine era is Ancient Greece with Modern Greece in an unbroken line of thousands years of historical that produced the greatest civilizations the world has ever know, brought the and born the modern western culture.

Byzantium also guarded well the gates of Europe from the Asian continuing the work of ancient Greek warriors that beat the Persians in the , Salamis, Marathon and . Greek rebel-warriors of 1821 that started the destruction of the Ottoman Empire in the Greek were soldiers of the last Emperor of Constantinople Constantine that to die than surrender the City to the Turks.

These rebel-warriors that had the double head eagle of the at their rings and seals had as their supreme task to accomplish the liberation of all Greek territories occupied by Turks and their entrance to the "Queen of the Cities" Constantinople.

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